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There are three different types of Armor in Painkiller. Each one of them offers a different amount of protection. The three different types can be compared to Gold, Silver, and Bronze coins. Ofcouse the Gold coin most valuable of the three, as is the case in Painkiller. The Gold Armor offers a superior amount of protection compared to the other armors, therefore it is the most sought after and valuable of the three. Similarly, a bronze coin isn’t much to brag about but it is better than nothing at all. The bronze armor provides limited protection but don’t get over-confident. The silver armor falls somewhere between the gold and bronze and offers a decent amount of protection.

Gold Armor

Armor Value: 200GA Armor / Health Ratio: 3.9 / 1
Respawn Time: 20s. Damage Reduction: 80%
Can Pickup Silver: 112GA 100h Max. Dmg. : 305dmg.
Can Pickup Bronze : 41GA 200h Max. Dmg. : 405dmg.

The Gold Armor is one of the most sought after items in the game, and with good reason. It will absorb 80% of all the damage that you receive. That means if you get hit by a rocket directly, which does 100 damage, only 20 points of damage will be deducted from your health. Not only is the damage reduction very good, the Gold Armor also gives the most Armor points at 200. A little piece of advice: Time the Gold Armor and get it each time…or your opponent will.

Statistical Breakdown

» The GA has 80% damage reduction. Taking 100 damage uses 20 health.
» SA can be picked up only when your GA has been reduced to 112 or below. Likewise, BA can be picked up at 41GA or below.
» 3.9 Armor points are used each time 1 health is lost while wearing the GA.
» With 100h and 200GA you can take a maximum of 305 damage.
» Getting hit by a flaming stake with 100h and 200GA will leave you with 50h.

Tips and Notes

» The GA respawns every 20 seconds. Learn to time it.
» The average rocket jump uses 9h and 35GA.
» Rocket jumping will help you grab the GA before your opponent.

Silver Armor

Armor Value: 150SA Armor / Health Ratio: 1.6 / 1
Respawn Time: 20s Damage Reduction: 60%
Can Pickup Gold : Always 100h Max. Dmg. : 241dmg.
Can Pickup Bronze : 54SA 200h Max. Dmg. : 341dmg.

The Silver Armor is the second most effective armor with 60% damage reduction. Have you ever wondered what is better : Gold Armor + 100h or Silver Armor + 200h? The Silver Armor + Mega Health allow for 36 more total points of damage than Gold Armor + 100 health, but take note that the Mega Health counts down until it reaches 100. If your opponent has the GA, get the SA or you are at a severe disadvantage going into a battle.

Statistical Breakdown

» Sliver Armor and 174 health is equivalent to Gold Armor and 100H.
» With 100h and 150SA you can take a maximum of 241 damage.
» With SA and 100 health, a direct hit rocket (100 Damage) will leave you with 60 health.

Tips and Notes

» You should at least have SA before going into battle.
» Watch your armor, know when to retreat.
» Inflict damage from a distance first, then close in.

Bronze Armor

Armor Value: 100BA Armor / Health Ratio: 0.5 / 1
Respawn Time: 20s Damage Reduction: 33%
Can Pickup Gold: Always 100h Max. Dmg. : 149dmg.
Can Pickup Silver: Always 200h Max. Dmg. : 299dmg.

The Bronze Armor is the weakest of the 3 armors, although it far better than nothing at all. With 33% damage reduction, the Bronze Armor is also the longest lasting armor. This statement can be deceiving. To explain further, damage reduction is directly linked to the amount of Armor used up in battle. Lower damage reduction uses up less armor to absorb health damage, so when a rocket hits your bronze armor for 100 damage, 33% of that 100 damage is deducted from your armor. You would run out of health before you would run out of armor so it is rather ineffective. Much better than nothing at all though, but not by much.

Statistical Breakdown

» The BA + Mega Health (299 total damage) is better than the SA alone (241 total damage).
» The BA and 100 Health(149 total damage) will not save you from a stake hit which deals 200 damage.
» With 100 health and BA, a direct rocket hit leaves you with 33 health. Likewise with silver armor a rocket hit would leave you with 60 health.
» 1 health is lost for every half point of BA lost.

Tips and Notes

» If possible, upgrade to at least SA before going into battle.
» Play defensively with only the BA.
» Try to obtain the Mega Health before fighting.

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