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Deamon Head Ammo

Primary (100 ammo):

This seems to be like the razorcube’s secondary fire, except you hold it down and keep it pointed at enemies. Excellent at accurately and immediately picking off enemies at a great distance, but it’s also a real ammo-eater.

Secondary (300 ammo):

If you think this is new to PK you’re wrong – it behaves exactly like Demon Morph shots. It can bring down weak and tough alike, and it’s definitely worth conserving the ammo for when you’re in big trouble.

What makes this thing even more worthwhile is that it’s like a railgun – it fires through enemies and hits the ones behind them too. There’s no better weapon for dropping a long line of goons at once.

Bone Gun Ammo

Primary (100 ammo):

Not a great range but there’s no better weapon for getting an enemy out of your face. Those bone needles really look like they hurt. Very nice damage to ammo ratio.

Secondary (100 ammo):

Try not to miss, and if you don’t miss try to make sure you shatter those minions with some bone needles quick. Works on most enemies but ammo is scarce, so this weapon is extremely useful, but not one to abuse. Wonderful against certain strong monsters, while totally useless against others.

Eggs Ammo

Primary (200 ammo):

You can both toss a single egg and detonate it with the primary fire.

Secondary fire lets you throw multiple eggs without detonating them. Cover a big enemy with eggs and then hit primary to blow them all up at once in a cloud of green. Brilliant.

Nuclear Gun Ammo

Primary (300 ammo):

Remember the good old stakegun? Well, this is the closest you’re going to get in Overdose. It’s not as fun, but it still behaves pretty much the same way. Less useful than the crossbow or the skulls for sniping, but the ammo count is decent enough.

Secondary (300 ammo):

This will spray the titular green goo all over nearby enemies, slowing them down and incidentally turning them green. Get rid of them while they’re disabled, but make sure you don’t waste it on enemies who are immune to it. I doubt you’ll be using this much, though enough ectoplasm can eventually fell most enemies.

Crossbow Ammo

Primary (300 ammo):

This is the crossbow, very accurate at any distance but so accurate that it’s easy to miss with it (if that makes sense). Use it at medium or long range and don’t forget it comes with a zoom feature. Fun to use on executioners if you’re a good shot.

Secondary (200 ammo):

Chuck some explosive, bouncing heads into close bunches of enemies, but don’t be too close yourself when they go off on impact. As tremendous for taking out enemies from around corners as BOOH’s heater ever was; just get your angles right.

Sword Ammo

Primary (300 ammo):

The skulls fire in bursts of three and home in on enemies with a generous margin for error. It’s great for taking out those monsters who are proving difficult to reach with other weapons, and it’s definitely the weapon to which the less accurate of Overdose’s players should turn first.

Secondary (200 ammo):

This is a very weird one, and a genuinely new idea for any PK game. The plan is to launch a whirring blade and steer it around by targeting one enemy after the other. The blade scythes around and homes in on whichever monster you are currently targeting, almost instantly reducing the poor sod to mush. You do need to be careful not to steer it into the ground or anything else that can stop it; and it helps to realise that it moves pretty slowly. Practice with it and you can get great results, though only against the weaker monsters.

You can right-click again to recall the blade and stop it eating the ammo – it uses it very fast, all the time the blade is spinning.

Rocket Launcher Ammo

Primary (100 ammo):

This defaults to the cannon and it should be used with care, as its explosive flechette rounds tend to rebound off enemies and twat you in the face. Use against groups of enemies or big single ones, but only at mid range. This is a weapon to use only when you run out of ammo for the better ones. Aim at the ground around their feet so you do damage without fear of missing altogether.

Secondary (500 ammo):

A chaingun, as useful as it always was. Great in almost every situation and against every enemy, though it does require accuracy on the user’s part.

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