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This is a mod created by USA THRESHER. That changes the color of rocket/grenade trail.


  • Extract the file
  • Copy the Textures folder to its game’s Data folder.

Download: Alt Trails
(Alt Trails, 67.1 KiB, 187 hits)



21. September 2011 22:04

For anyone that wants to change trail colors on their own, here are some simple direction:

First, follow this Tutorial to EXTRACT your Textures.pak

Once you extract Textures.pak, navigate to the folder you extracted to, and you should see a “Particles” folder in there.

trailgrenade.tga  — rocket, grenade, and shuriken trail
trailkolek.tga      — stake trail
trailcombo.tga    — when you combo a grenade with a stake, will make this trail

Edit the files in GIMP/Photoshop/image editor of your choice.

Then, create a folder in your pkdirectory/Data/ folder named “Textures” if you don’t already have one there.

Then inside the “Textures” folder, create another folder called “Particles”

You directory should now look like this:


Place your edited *.tga files into this directory and you should be good to go! 🙂


22. September 2011 19:02

Hey, thx :))

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