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CPL World Tour

[spoiler show=”Seedings” hide=”Seedings”]
1. Netherlands Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager
2. USA Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel
3. Germany Benjamin “zyz” Bohrmann
4. Italy Alessandro “stermy” Avallone
5. Sweden Alexander “Ztrider” Ingarv
6. Germany Stephan “SteLam” Lammert
7. Canada Andrew “gellehsak” Ryder
8. United Kingdom David “Zaccubus” Treacy
9. Italy Nicola “ForresT” Geretti
10. USA Mark “wombat” Larsen
11. Italy Vincenzo “booms” D’Aurelio
12. Sweden Fredrik “Aim” Edesater
13. USA Sean “Daler” Price
14. Italy Riccardo “Vicious” Zanocchio
15. Japan Teppei “SIGUMA” Terabe
16. USA Brian “Zen” Grapatin
17. Finland Iisakki “Beam” Ahonen
18. USA Matthew “ZoD” Brogan
19. Canada Josh “Mjolnir” Carlson
20. Canada Corbin “cbnz” Crnkovic
21. Chile Ignacio “MasTeR” Quiroz
22. Chile Daniel “BOZZ” Djoric
23. Chile Ignacio “cl0k” Estay
24. Chile Luis “Uni Soldier” Chang
25. Chile Dennis “Chiwallace” Astorga
26. Chile Roberto “Kamelot” Morales

Grand Final

Sweden fnatic/Ztrider [2:0] Canada fnatic/gellehsak
– DM_Sacred: 27:10
– DM_1v1_Meatless: 25-16

Final Standings

1st Sweden Alexander “Ztrider” Ingarv
2nd Canada Andrew “gellehsak” Ryder
3rd Netherlands Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager
4th Germany Benjamin “zyz” Bohrmann
5th USA Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel
6th Italy Alessandro “stermy” Avallone
7th USA Mark “wombat” Larsen
8th Germany Stephan “SteLam” Lammert


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