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CPL World Tour

Grand Final

1st Set – Germany SteLam [1:2] Netherlands fnatic/Vo0
– Map1: DM_Sacred : 22:14
– Map2: DM_Sacred : 19:25
– Map3: DM_Absinthe : 21:25

2nd Set – Germany SteLam [2:0] Netherlands fntaic/Vo0
– Map1: DM_Sacred : 15:14
– Map2: DM_Meatless : 21:16


1st Germany Stephan “SteLam” Lammert
2nd Netherlands Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager
3rd Italy Alessandro “Stermy Avallone
4th Germany Benjamin “zyz” Bohrmann
5th Sweden Alexander “e*star Ztrider” Ingarv
6th USA Johnathan “Fatal1ty Wendel
7th Russia Alexey “x6.LeXeR” Nesterov
8th Italy Nicola “*forrest” Geretti


SteLam and Vo0

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