Boltgun / Heater

Boltgun – Dmg. Per 1 Ammo: 20
Boltgun – Dmg. Rng. Per Shot: 20-80
Boltgun – Ammo Per Shot: 5
Boltgun –  Max. Ammo: 500
Heater – Direct Hit Dmg. Rng. : 20-80
Heater – Splash Damge Rng: 11-72
Heater – Ammo Per Shot: 10
Heater – Max. Ammo: 250
Combo – Dmg. Per Bolt: 200
Default Respawn Weapon?: No

The Boltgun / Heater is a weapon combo designed to deal out plenty of damage in both medium and long range situations. The combo attack is particularly devastating.

Primary Fire – Boltgun

The Boltgun is the choice weapon of snipers in Painkiller: Battle out of Hell. A click of the primary fire sends 5 stake-like rods screaming on a line toward opponents at mid to long range. While dealing out 20 damage per 1 ammo, the Boltgun has the capability of hitting an opponent with 4 out of 5 Bolts for a total of 80 damage. The Boltgun alone is very effective at medium range, but to hit long range targets you may want to put the zoom feature to use by clicking mouse3 and using the mousewheel to zoom in or out. The Boltgun can be used in short range situations, but with a slow rate of fire, you may find yourself on the short end of a mismatch.

Alternate Fire – Heater

The Heater is to spammers what the Boltgun is to snipers. Each click of the alternate fire button shoots out 4 unpredictable bounce charges that deal out 20 damage each on a direct hit. These bounce charges can also deal out up to 18 points of splash damage each, with the potential of doing up to 72 points of splash damage if all 4 charges hit. The problem with the Heater, aside from burning through 10 ammo per shot, is the potential for self damage due to the unpredictable bounces of these charges when they hit solid objects. These charges typically take 2 large bounces before detonating. You will probably find that it is easiest to hit an opponent after 1 bounce rather than attempting a direct hit in the air.

Combo Attack

The Boltgun / Heater combo is perhaps the the most devastating combo in the game. Based on the Stakegun / Grenade combo, this attack is performed by bouncing a heater shot toward your opponent using alternate fire, then shooting the charges with the Boltgun. This attack can be a little tricky as you still must hit your opponent directly with the bolt-propelled charges. Although no splash damage is inflicted, a huge amount of direct hit damage is possible. Basically, each bolt that hits a charge, then hits your opponents does 200 damage. Knowing that, it is possible to hit 4 heater charges with 4 bolts in one shot, you do the math.

Tips and Notes

» The Boltgun shoots 5 bolts in 3 quick bursts starting with the Bolt in the center, then the 2 inner Bolts, followed by the 2 outer Bolts.
» The last 2 Bolts fired by the Boltgun are spread out too far to hit an opponent with both, meaning you can hit with a max of 4 Bolts per shot. Take this into consideration when shooting or you could miss with both outer Bolts on each side of your opponent.
» Shooting an opponent with the Heater at point blank range will cause the charges to miss and inflict no damage.

Sub Machine Gun / Flamethrower

SMG – Dmg. Per 1 Ammo: 10
SMG – Ammo Per Tick: 1
SMG – Shots Per Firing Cycle: 8
SMG – Firing Cycle Delay: 0.5s
Flamethrower – Dmg. Per Tick: NA
Flamethrower – Dmg Rng. : NA
Flamethrower – Ammo Per Shot: NA
Flamethrower – Max. Ammo: 500
Default Respawn Weapon?: No

The Sub Machine Gun / Flamethrower is the least complete weapon combination in the game, literally.

Primary Fire – Sub Machine Gun

The Sub Machine Gun (SMG) shoots 8 rounds of .45 caliber ETAP (Explosive Tipped Armor Piercing) ammunition per firing cycle. Each round deals out 10 damage and each firing cycle is separated by a 0.5 second delay. This weapon is used similar to the Chaingun although it does 2 more damage per round. This is balanced out by a slightly slower rate of fire and a delay after 8 rounds are fired.

Alternate Fire – Flamethrower

The alternative fire mode, simply put, is non-existent in multiplayer. Thus making the SMG / Flamethrower, really just an SMG. Why the Flamethrower was left out of multiplayer is somewhat puzzling, but I’m sure there is a good reason? Where would you play if all the maps burnt down? Maybe it will be somehow incorporated in the future, but for now you have to deal with 1/2 a weapon.

Tips and Notes

» Use the SMG to finish off weak opponents.
» The SMG is capable of dealing out 80 damage per firing cycle.
» You don’t have to worry about getting torched by the Flamethrower.

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30. December 2011 12:53

i thought that there’s an SMG/Flamethrower combo attack, where you throw a flaming gas canister?

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