sK1p July - 10 - 2009 CPL World Tour2 COMMENTS

[spoiler show=”Seedings” hide=”Seedings”]

1. fnatic/Vo0
2. Fatal1ty
3. PlayIt.Stermy
4. Zen
5. fnatic/gellehsak
6. [3D]-daler
7. checksix\LeXeR
8. SK|Stelam
9. checksix\dkt
10. u5|cha0ticz
11. 4K-AphexTwin
12. checksix\
13. 4K-Zaccubus
14. rS-ZuluOmegaDelta
15. PlayIt.Forrest
16. [EYE]sakh
17. eStar.Ztrider
18. [3D]-wombat
19. 4K-KuuLa
20. Appz
21. fnatic/gopher
22. rS-Mojo
23. Dunpeal
24. PlayIt.boms
25. Dignitas.reptile
26. Phillenly
27. KillNod
28. akira
29. Zhrance
30. Bonan
31. C_Lains
32. Simiga

Final Standings

1st Netherlands Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager
2nd Germany Benjamin “zyz” Bohrmann
3rd Italy Alessandro “Stermy Avallone
4th USA Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel
5th Canada Andrew “Gellehsak” Ryder
6th Russia Alexey “LeXeR” Nesterov
7th Germany Stephan “SteLam” Lammert
8th USA Sean “daler” Price



13. May 2010 10:46

This is wrong.
The istanbul stop had the following top 4 standings.
1. VoO
2. Fatal1ty
3. Stermy
4. Sakh
5. Gelleshak

I know becouse i was there!


    13. May 2010 11:55

    Thats not quite right. The standings you posted are from the CPL Turkey Qualifier for Spain. So its not an official Wold Tour Stop.

    “Today the CPL announced that inclement weather has led to varying issues causing the CPL to postpone the first stop of the World Tour. The CPL now plans to reschedule the original Turkey stop of the tour to March 25-27, 2005. This will push the Spain stop back to April 29 through May 1, 2005.”

    Read here:

    This is the Bracket for the Qualifier:

    And this is the real WT Stop:

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